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Readings Thursday March 26th

Today’s reading is from the fifth chapter of St. John. Roshi commented on the issue of religious authority, the seeking of approval of others or the belief in ones own projections.

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Readings Wednesday March 25th

Readings Wednesday March 25

Roshi began the day saying that today for him was the greatest feast in the life of the church. The Incarnation. He described this feast as the inseparability of the divine and the human. ….Listen to the comments and respond with your own.

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Readings Tuesday March 24th

Roshi commented on St. John’s Gospel this morning, the fifth chapter. Jesus has cured a man on the sabbath.

If anyone understands Christianity its the Buddhists, he commented. The identity of relative and absolute – difference only in name and function. Listen to the commentary and add your own.

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Readings Monday March 23rd

John Chapter 4: 43-54

Roshi began this morning saying that the Gospel readings this week are all taken from St. John. Today’s story occurs when a royal official comes to Jesus and asks Jesus to cure this son. Jesus asked him if he needed to see signs and wonders – a refrain that repeats itself. The official didn’t even hear this. His attention was on his son and his hope that he could be cured. Listen to the whole commentary and share your responses.

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Readings Friday March 20th

Roshi commented this morning on the 12th Chapter of Mark and the authority with which Jesus spoke. He focused in his commentary on a teacher of the law who came to Jesus and asked him which commandment was the most important.

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Readings Thursday March 19th

In this mornings readings Roshi mentioned that the scriptures are interrupted today for the feast of St. Joseph.

He reminded us that the search for truth is joyful. The mutuality of things makes them function as they are.

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Readings Wednesday March 18th

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