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Readings Wednesday April 8th

This morning we closed the Ango with a comment on the day’s reading from Roshi and a wake up call not to squander life as told to us by the Chinese poets and sung by Amy Chan. Please listen to the final commentary on the scriptures and share anything that touches you in this piece.

Please return to the blog for comments on the scriptures through Holy Week.

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Readings Tuesday April 7th

“Tomorrow is the last day of our Ango and the readings are dramatic. Yesterday we had Mary Magdalen and today we have Judas…the most famous of all the apostles. his name is known everywhere and the price is known everywhere….why is it so famous. We forgive ourselves our sins but somehow in betrayal of love…we don’t forgive ourselves…”Listen to the entire commentary and add your own response.

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Readings Monday April 6th

At the end of the scriptures and approaching Holy Week.

The scripture is the anointing at Bethany in which there is an incident attributed to Mary Magdalene. “Jesus accepted her extraordinary gesture in public, he was not a puritan….The kind of love in this story is a love that is earned and cannot be bought Roshi said. ….The smashing of the container, poured out in love, never to be used again…..” Listen to the commentary in full and share your own

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Readings Friday April 3rd

We’ve been considering the Christian scriptures for our Ango and seeing if there is something in it for people of any faith. This is from the 10th chapter of St. John.

“Jesus has said that God is his father. Throughout his life, the judgements of people against him were insuperable, he could not overcome them. So too in spite of our best efforts, sometimes we cannot make room in someone else’s heart and we have to endure the unendurable.”

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Readings Thursday April 2nd

The scripture today finishes the dialogue between Jesus and the Jewish leaders. Roshi said “We have to remember that human nature extends beyond what is possible to our vision. We think we know people because we know ourselves” Listen to his comments and add your own.

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Readings Wednesday April 1st

The scripture today was from the 8th chapter of John and the scripture in which the conversation continued with religious authority. This is the passage in scripture in which Jesus said…”The truth will make you free”. Listen to his commentary and add your own.

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Readings Tuesday March 31st

After a a trip this weekend to lead a retreat in Mexico city, Roshi continued commenting on the 8th chapter of St. John this morning.

“As things were getting difficult Jesus said…my father is with me always….there is no duality in life but we don’t always feel it”. Listen to the commentary and add your own response. There is a long pause just before Roshi’s final sentence.

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